Happy Easter Farm


Located in the heart of Chilliwack BC, Happy Easter Farm has today carved a niche as one of the largest mushroom producers in the region. The onset of our journey dates back from 2010 we were doing at very small scale for friends and family. It was 2020 pandemic when produce market was skyrocketing we decided to set out on our mission to discover new and effective forms of mushroom farming and share them with the global arena.
Ever since then, our high-quality organic and fresh mushrooms have been a household name in both retail as well as wholesale food industry.


Hailing my roots from an agricultural background, I and my team have an unconditional passion for this industry and through our endeavor of Happy Easter Farm, we strive to bring to table some of the best organic mushrooms that are ever produced in the history of mankind.
Over the last few years, we have thoroughly researched about the immense potential of mushroom farming and we have now reached the farms to put our knowledge to good use. And needless to say, attaining spurring success in such a short time span would have been impossible without the relentless efforts of team. So, kudos to you all!
We continue to put our best foot forward in order to serve the mankind and carry forward a rich legacy for the Happy Easter Farm.
See you around

Best Wishes & Regards,
Daniel Hesse

“For us, Happy Easter Farm has been all about making us happy in the true sense. Their mushroom quality is simply prolific!”

Jane Colfer Sommelier

“I am in awe of the great mushroom quality that Happy Easter Farm has in store. I have had mushrooms across the globe, but their organic mushrooms are simply unbeatable.”

Sheryl L. Kemp Cook

“As a chef, I have experienced that nothing matches the awesome taste that Happy Easter Farm’s mushrooms entail.”

Namrata Jagtap Cook
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