Why settle for rest when you can have the best? Within a short span of time, we, at Happy Easter Farm have emerged as the torchbearers for premium quality mushrooms. Our handpicked conventional and organic mushrooms are full of utmost nutritional value and taste.

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Located in the heart of Chilliwack BC, Happy Easter Farm has today carved a niche as one of the largest mushroom producers in the region.

“For us, Happy Easter Farm has been all about making us happy in the true sense. Their mushroom quality is simply prolific!”

Jane Colfer Sommelier

“I am in awe of the great mushroom quality that Happy Easter Farm has in store. I have had mushrooms across the globe, but their organic mushrooms are simply unbeatable.”

Sheryl L. Kemp Cook

“As a chef, I have experienced that nothing matches the awesome taste that Happy Easter Farm’s mushrooms entail.”

Namrata Jagtap Cook



    Happy Easter Farm staunchly abides by the international safety standards for mushroom farming. Our team is out on a mission to discover new and effective forms of mushroom farming and share them with the global arena.

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